PRACTICE SOLUTION PROVIDERS, will make its best efforts to secure DEXA SCAN Bookings for your office through some or all of the following: Organic Search for DEXA Scans, Social Influencers and Paid Advertising.

DEXASCAN.COM will incur all costs to market to clients that will schedule DEXA Scans in your office in exchange for a service fee paid to you as the provider of the scan.

In addition, we will promote/list your facility on our webpage as well as others that we determine align with the mission of DEXA+ and DEXASCAN.COM, WEIGHTLOSSNEARME and other web platforms we own.

How it Works: Through our Marketing Efforts clients will purchase a Scan or Service thru our channel, ie Websites, Social Media, Email Marketing

A landing page unique to each facility will be created and placed in two locations on DEXASCAN, the first will be unique to your facility, the second page will be a listed location by address. A draft of the page will be provided it must be approved within 7 days of being submitted or it will be published live unless instructed initially to hold.

 Customer Confirmations:


Congratulations on your commitment to your health and wellness!


Select "individual services" and choose
DEXA Scan (20 minute appointment)

Select date and time

Enter code

Provide confirmation number at appointment to show you prepaid for the scan

How does this Benefit Your Facility: We market to Health-Conscious
Individuals that are searching for facilities to acquire a DEXA Scan and other
possible services. This provides a strong new client funnel where you can
review the dexa and solutions on how to improve Health and Wellness along with
the ongoing services you provide including additional DEXA Scans.


Partner Provider Payments are paid monthly by the 15th of the month, preferred method is ACH, a separate ACH form must be completed.  

This agreement is cancellable at anytime for any reason by either party with 120 Days’ written notice to DEXASCAN.COM.

To cancel the agreement an Email must be sent to with a copy to

All scans paid through must be honored with scan performed in a timely manner. Provider/Client assumes all responsibility for any services provided, including regulatory, legal or any other requirement for operation of the equipment. Practice Solution, DEXASCAN and DEXAPLUS are to be held harmless.

If there are any disagreements with these terms the jurisdiction is Macomb County Court, State of Michigan